Welcome to the second edition of our Inria Chile Scientific Days!

For the first time, they will be held in person, in various cities in Chile and in partnership with Chilean universities, from December 4th to 7th, 2023.

The program will include keynote speeches, scientific presentations, debates, and networking activities, bringing together French and Chilean researchers, students, as well as representatives from institutions and companies. Artificial intelligence, mathematical modeling, simulation and optimization, networks and the Internet of Things, along with priority topics applying to digital sciences and technologies such as climate change and biodiversity, health, astronomy, and agroecology, will be part of the program, among many others.

"We want to continue enhancing Franco-Chilean scientific cooperation in digital sciences because we know that there are common goals and great possibilities for synergy from institutional, scientific, and innovative perspectives. We are very pleased to be able to hold these second Inria Chile Scientific Days in person and in collaboration, both with the Inria teams in France and the teams from Chilean universities, in the Chilean capital as well as in different regions of the country. The Inria Chile Scientific Days provide a unique opportunity to bring together our French and Chilean communities and ecosystems."
Nayat Sánchez-Pi, Director of Inria Chile.

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